At A to Z Pre-School, each child is unique and different and it is important to provide a variety of experiences that will nuture their body, mind, heart and spirit. We will provide children with a safe and warm environment where they feel comfortable to move, touch, manipulate and explore. These experiences will help each child gain confidence and have a positive self-image. 

We provide a balanced program of structured activities and play time. The program for the 3 year old concentrates more on social interactions, classroom rules and routines. The 4 year old program concentrates on academic readiness for kindergarten. 

A typical day at A to Z Preschool is as follows:

  • Puzzle Time
  • Calendar
  • Structured Activities (e.g. crafts)
  • Music / Movement
  • Show 'n Tell
  • Snack
  • Centres
  • Story Time

Ages: 3-5 Children need to be potty trained Child needs to be 3 years old by December at any given year
Hours of Operation: 8:45-11:15 am program 12:00-2:30 pm program
Contact us:  Rose McRae 404 - 4 Avenue North (basement of Anglican Church)
Phone: 403-803-7106 email: bdrmcrae@shaw.ca