Moms and dads are important in childrens' lives and both contribute in positive ways to childrens' health and development.

Studies have shown that when couples become parents, their relationship can be affected, sometimes leading to a decline in marital satisfaction.

The Partnership Parenting/Fathers Matter program is different from most parenting programs: Partnership Parenting takes a broad perspective and examines the health of the marriage, the many relationships within a family, and how this impacts the social and cognitive skills of the children.

This program honours fathers' unique role in parenting. Years of research shows that enhancing the quality of father involvement in a family significantly benefits children, families and society.

When children have dads who are positively involved, they:

  • Are better at regulating moods and emotions

  • Demonstrate better social skills
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Are more adept at problem solving
  • Do better academically and generally attend more years of education
  • Are less likely to experiment with alcohol or dugs
  • Show reduced vulnerability to teen pregnancy

Join us for this 14 week series of dynamic sessions to consider the things that matter most as parents.  Together, moms and dads explore their unique relationships with each child, their relationship with their partner or co-parent, the family's balance of life stresses and support, and the ways their upbringing may impact the way they parent. Each session includes dinner for the whole family, on-site childcare and a two-hour program entirely free of charge!

For more information or to become involved in Fathers Matter contact Terri Lauer.

Contact: Terri Lauer at 403-851-2267 or fathersmatter@cochrane.ca