This program is for children who are currently enrolled in Kindergarten and attending Elementary School. If your child needs care for before and or after school, PD days, spring and winter breaks and in the summer, then this program is the perfect fit for your child. We cover almost all year round and is available from 6:30 am -6:00 pm 5 days a week.

Our Before and After school program provide your children with more opportunities to learn and grow, develop self-esteem and leadership skills where they can participate in planning program activities. It complements what happens during their regular school day.

Our teachers who are registered early childhood educators are responsible for ensuring that children under the program will be more active and more engaged and thus, they will develop healthy habits and making new friends and have time to do their homework.

The teachers will plan a play-based program that is connected to the learning that will happen during the regular school day. The program includes a mix of exploration, guided and independent activities, quiet times and outdoor play.

Special events are planned on a regular basis, including theme days and special visitors. Breakfast is served in the morning before the children go to school and a substantial snack is served upon their arrival from school.

For more details, please visit our website or email us at for more information.