Inspiring Minds Preschool

Inspiring Minds Preschool/Junior Kindergarten is located on the second floor of Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre. We have a double focus: physical activity and kindergarten readiness for both our Preschool and Junior Kindergarten programs. Having access to the gymnasium, turf and exercise rooms within the recreation centre allows us to engage the children in frequent physical activity. Through hands-on activities, we also introduce the children to numeracy concepts, alphabet awareness, printing, and many social studies, science, art, music and language arts concepts. The Preschool Program is a mixed 3 and 4 year old class. The Junior Kindergarten is strictly for 4 year olds who are ready for an advanced curriculum; reading and math will be introduced. Progress reports will be sent home twice per year for Junior Kindergarten. Speech, OT, and PUF funding are offered where required, and we are approved for subsidy. 

 We hold our Open House on the first Saturday in February each year from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm in the classroom.

A typical day in our class:

9:00/12:30 - come in, hang up coats, put on indoor shoes, write name, and then go to the carpet and read books 

9:15/12:45 - carpet time (good morning song, special helper, calendar, weather and show & share) 

9:30/1:00 - story and whole group activity (theme-related; language arts/science/math/art/social studies)

10:10/1:40 - wash hands and have snack 

10:25/1:55 - free choice time 

11:00/2:30 - physical activity 

11:30/3:00 - dismissal

Class Times: Morning Classes (M-F) 9:00-11:30
Afternoon Classes (M-TH) 12:30-3:00

*M/W/F am and T/Th pm are the Junior Kindergartner program. Children must be 4 years old and ready for an enriched curriculum. 


                1 day/week - $115/month

                2 days/week - $190/month

                3 days/week - $255/month

                4 days/week - $310/month

                5 days/week - $375/month

Contact us:

Phone: 403-815-9073 (Angie, B.Ed) or 403-389-6454 (Tracy, CDA)