Children are eligible to attend kindergarten when they turn 5 years old on or before February 28 of the current school year. All students who attend It Takes a Village Kindergarten and Educational Society have the opportunity to have Early Childhood Screening.  Speech and Occupational Screening takes place during the first 2 weeks of school and weekly therapy sessions commence within September for those children who require it.  These services are provided weekly for students for the entire year or until the child has reached all of their goals.  Families have the option of attending sessions in Cochrane at the Cochrane Language and Learning Centre or during class time at It Takes a Village Kindergarten. As a private program, we also have access to other therapies including Behaviorists, Psychologists and so on.  Many students and their families have benefited from an Occupational Therapy assessment, classroom support and sessions with our occupational therapist sensory issues.  These children and their parents have learned vital strategies to better cope with their sensitivities to sound, light, temperature, texture, clothing and so on.  These students have also experienced success and positive outcomes with an increased attention span and the ability to relax and enjoy their surroundings both at school and home! 

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