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At the Learning Place Preschool we believe that each child is an individual and is unique; they will therefore develop at a different pace. Our goal is to facilitate each of their specific developmental needs.

Teachers act as a resource and guide for the children but we truly believe that children learn by 'doing'.  We supervise the children at play ensuring that each of them is gaining the optimal learning experience and, if necessary, provide them with further challenges once their goals have been achieved. We combine activities and experiences which encourage socialization and play but also focus on academic readiness which is built into the curriculum.

The program we offer provides a wide selection of activities across the curriculum including Early literacy, library book sharing, numeracy, art, music, dramatic play, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, social interaction and personal development training.  A combination of structured and free play 'hands-on' activities to explore creativity and build self esteem, this also helps children to make sense of their world and to develop physically, socially, creatively and intellectually.

 Our typical day may include: writing our name, circle time & calendar, centers - puzzles, construction, art  & craft, writing, home corner, play, story corner, music/movement, playdough, math, threading, imaginative play, library share, snack, and story time.

  • Ages 3 years to 5 years, if we have space we will take children from 2 ½
  • Registration is ongoing- space permitting
  • Children must be potty trained
  • No volunteers or fundraising required
  • Parents provide snack for their own child
  • Program facilitated by a qualified teacher
  • Mixed ages in each group

Class Times:


Our fee is an annual one but monthly options are available:

2 sessions: $1750.00 or $175 for 10 months 
3 sessions: $2500.00 or $250 for 10 months
4 sessions: $3000.00 or $300 for 10 months 

*Children not allowed to attend more than one session per day.

Contact us:
Dianne Hutchinson
Cochrane Ranche House
Phone: (403) 668-0484