tiny town montessori

Tiny Town Montessori is a custom-built preschool that was founded in 1996 by Roohina Javer. It offers a true Montessori education to children between 3-6 year old, preschool and kindergarten by following the Montessori Method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori allows children to develop at their own pace and developmental level with hands on experiences with various Montessori equipment.

The school has two classrooms, a dance and music room, a gym room and a full sized kitchen for cooking activities, and a backyard for outdoor experiences with a garden box for children to experience planting, harvesting, etc. We offer yoga, art, dance and music classes on site as well.

Tiny Town strives to build strong relationships with the parents at the school by maintaining an open line of communication, having parent teacher conferences and having Montessori education nights. Parents also have the opportunity to come and observe their children in class.

  • Qualified Montessori teachers and assistants
  • Registration starts January in any given year and is open to the public
  • Children need to be three years old by September for registration
  • Children need to be potty trained upon starting preschool
  • Parents provide snack
  • Make an appointment for a school tour today!

Rose Shajani
School Administrator and Montessori Teacher
Email: rose@tinytownmontessori.com
Website: www.tinytownmontessori.com